Recruitment – SAP


SAP is a complex and powerful enterprise resource planning (ERP) system that requires skilled professionals to implement and maintain. Acquism has extensive experience placing SAP experts in a range of roles, from project managers and consultants to software developers and database administrators. We understand the intricacies of SAP and can help you find candidates with the skills and experience necessary to optimise your organisation’s use of this powerful product.

Our years of industry experience, combined with our comprehensive database of CVs and enduring connections with candidates, has enabled us to create a thriving hub for SAP professionals. These candidates recognise, rely on, and value our services.

Each SAP module is our focus, with a dedicated team of consultants specialising in each one. This method ensures that whenever you interact with our consultants, you are engaging with an authority in their particular area of expertise.

We recruit for contract, fixed-term and permanent positions, each with its own specialist team. This means we quickly understand our clients’ technical requirements and communicate these to candidates effectively, ensuring we match the candidates as closely as possible to the role.

Our approach

Leveraging our extensive expertise and experience in the recruitment industry, Acquism consistently delivers successful outcomes, as evidenced by numerous satisfied companies and candidates.

We employ both traditional methods and innovative strategies, such as social media, and other unconventional channels. This dual approach streamlines our recruitment process, allowing you to invest less time and effort while maintaining high-quality candidates and, ultimately, exceptional new hires. Whether you are seeking a job or searching for the ideal employee, our consultants provide support throughout the entire process, ensuring a positive outcome for all parties involved.